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John McAfee admitted that his Twitter account was hacked

John McAfee, founder of the famous McAfee cyber security and anti-virus software company, revealed that his Twitter account was hacked and used to promote less-known crypt coins.

Of course, he dared to deny that the episode was a blow to his credibility as a pioneer in the fight against hackers, as he said, according to the BBC, “I have no control over Twitter security.” Twitter itself refused to comment on this.

McAfee also said he suspected that the violation was through his cell phone while he was on his boat, trying to gain access to his Twitter account, which has about 530,000 “followers.”

“The only thing the hacker did was to break my Twitter account. It could be worse, “McAfee said, who is preparing in February 2018 to present – as he claims – the best secure smart phone.

The Scottish businessman became known since the 1980s when he founded the company that developed the first computer virus protection software program, the McAfee Virus Scan, making a lot of money on the move. His company was finally sold to Intel, but he continues to develop his own cyber-security products on his own.

At the same time, he is the head of MGT Capital Investments, which helps solve complex mathematical problems to verify transactions with Bitcoin. Somewhat like this, it is considered by some as a “guru” of electronic cryptocurency. In fact, he has just begun publishing a bulletin with advice on the best crypto-currencies to invest his money by influencing his prestige and honor.

Most suspect that the hacker who broke MacAfee’s Twitter account wanted to speculate, affecting users to invest in specific digital coins. And of course they did not miss those who laughed at the fact that the hacker’s great adversary admitted that he had fallen victim to them.


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Stephen Turner, the Director of Operations for predictiveIT, has spent the past 22 years involved in the technology realm and security. Stephen began his career in the United States Marine Corps as a Crypto Technician, before moving into the private sector. He has worked all facets of the Information Technology world including administration, security, consulting, project management, Director of Cyber Security and as a Chief Information Officer for nationwide organization where he was responsible for architecting the security infrastructure during the migration of the organization’s entire data center to the “cloud”. Stephen has trained as a Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Information Systems Security Professional and as a Red Hat Certified Architect with a focus on Linux security.

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